• MsPixy

    Burlesque performer, producer, writer, director, choreographer, designer, host, nerdlesque artist,
    and professional funny person.

  • 2018 Engagements


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    All venues in Chicago, IL unless otherwise noted.



    July 28 at Midnight Curating, Hosting, Performing

    Culture Shock: Naughty Nerdery in the New Millenium

    at the Burning City Neo-Vintage Entertainment Festival


    Aug 2 at 10pm Hosting, Performing, Producing

    Glitter Guild at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN

    GenCon Badge required for ticket purchase.

    Game ID: ENT 18126396


    Sept 14 at 10:30pm Hosting, Producing, Performing

    MsPixy's Big F*cking Party

    at Elgin Fringe Festival

    tickets on sale Aug 1


    Dec 8 at 10:00pm Hosting, Producing, Performing

    Sugar and Spice Holiday Tease

    at Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, IL

    tickets on sale soon!




  • Workshops

    GenCon 2018 Workhops:

    All workshops are open to GenCon badge holders ages 18+ of all genders and levels of mobility. Register on the GenCon website.




    Burlesque 101

    Elements of Burlesque


    Friday 12pm

    (Game ID: WKS18126339)



    Friday 2pm

    (Game ID: WKS18126401)

    limited tickets remaining


    Good for beginners interested in learning more about burlesque in a fun, active way as well as intermediate-level performers who want to clarify their aesthetic and revive their love of burlesque. This class is 1/2 mini-lecture and 1/2 intro to beginner level burlesque choreography techniques. $14


    Burlesque 102

    Dance Intensive


    Friday 2pm

    (Game ID: WKS18126402)

    limited tickets remaining


    Come dressed to move-- this class is straight up dance time!  Learn a fun, simple, active burlesque routine full of classic burlesque moves that you can easily remix for... ahem... home use.  Adjustments will be given for participants with mobility restrictions.


    Burlesque 201:

    Advanced Choreographic Technique

    Prior burlesque and/or dance experience recommended.


    Friday 3pm

    (Game ID: WKS18126403)


    After getting to know her participants a bit, MsPixy creates a custom curriculum designed to help dancers step outside of their comfort zones to refresh and polish existing choreography and/or develop new routines. Drawing on 20+ years of experience as both a burlesque and classical dance performer and educator, MsPixy introduces tools that will far outlast the duration of the workshop. Return registration is encouraged-- this workshop addresses different topics each year.



    Not going to GenCon? Need burlesque educatin', stat?


    Additional workshops and private coaching available by appointment


    Use the form below to inquire for rates and availability.

  • Burning City Neo-Vintage Entertainment Festival

    MsPixy is proud to curate Culture Shock: Naughty Nerdery in the New Millenium for the Burning City Festival! More info here!

  • The Glitter Guild

    MsPixy is the co-producer and resident host of the Glitter Guild, a Chicago-based theatrical production company specializing in gamer and geek themed adult entertainment. From bawdy comedy to geeky striptease to mystifying magic, Glitter Guild Burlesque has a fully stocked repertoire of sexy nerdy fun.


    Best known for bringing their passion for everything from D20 to Doctor Who to crowds of 800+ annually at Indiana's GenCon, Glitter Guild performers are all truly passionate enthusiasts who giving the same loving care to their Cosplay-level costuming that they lavish on their fandom of choice.  Whether you're a lover of super-heroes or swordplay, the Guild will bring your fanta-tease to life with outstanding attention to detail from the panties and pasties on up.


    For more information about the Glitter Guild visit www.theglitterguild.com

  • MsPixy Productions

    MsPixy Productions presents burlesque-centric entertainments offered in a theatrical setting.


    Current MsPixy Productions include Funny Panties and Chicago Burlesque Showcase.

  • The Belmont Burlesque Revue

    MsPixy is a founding member, director and the standing host of the Belmont Burlesque Revue.  


    A driving force in Chicago's 21st century burlesque revival, the Belmont Burlesque Revue has introduced thousands of new fans (and dozens of future burlesque performers) to the art of classic burlesque since their premier in 2003. The enticing ensemble currently performs bi-monthly shows to sold out audiences at Theater Wit in Chicago's vibrant Lakeview neighborhood.


    A great “first time” show for those new to burlesque, and an even better “best of” show for burlesque connoisseurs.


    More info and photo galleries are here!

  • After Dark

    Alternative Arts

    Unique party and event entertainment with an adult edge.

    We provide the following Entertainments:

    • Grown-up games and icebreaker activities.
    • Walk-around entertainment (magic, circus, etc.).
    • Edgy, Alternative, and/or Classic Hostess and MC services.
    • Face/Body painters (classic or blacklight)
    • Cabaret-style performance-- classic and neo-burlesque, comedy, circus, and freak show entertainers
    • PG and R-rated Improv Comedy teams.
    • Alternative "Arts and Crafts"-- social, hands-on art projects that inspire conversation and produce great product!
    • Fully produced custom-themed evenings (nightmare circus, 20's speakeasy, etc.)


  • Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque

    Written, directed, and choreographed by MsPixy.  Costumes by Renee Wirth.  Set and props by MsPixy.

    The provocative parody that spawned a Nerdlesque explosion and gave birth to the phenomenon that is Gorilla Tango Burlesque.  This groundbreaking mix of sketch comedy and burlesque introduced the scripted burlesque parody style for which GTB has become locally renowed.


    The story follows brothers Mario and Luigi as they struggle to overcome a form of insanity that is causing them to see everyone-- even their most dangerous enemies-- as beautiful, sexy women.  The famous duo of Italian plumbers quickly realize that they have been persuing the Princess for so long that they are losing their minds-- and so set out to finally rescue the Princess and regain their sanity.  LIttle do they suspect the hazards of level after level of seductive evil that await them-- from a Chain Chomp dominatrix to a fan-dancing Cheep Cheep and a Koopa Troopa with a peep-show shell.  Worse still, once they do rescue the Princess (and tear one another's beloved overalls to shreds over who gets to be her Happily Ever After), they learn that the blonde-haired beauty is far from the distressed damsel they believed her to be.


    Boobs and Goombas opened on October 8, 2010.  Originally scheduled to run for 8 performances, the show was repeatedly extended, running 123 performances in it's initial run which ended June 30, 2012. 

    The show has enjoyed an additional run in New Orleans (where it enjoyed 26 performances), and has been re-mounted twice in 2013 for an additional 24 Chicago performances to date.


    Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

  • The Empire Brings Sexy Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Sequel

    Directed and Choreographed by MsPixy.  Script by K Leo.  Costumes by Kristen Ahern.  Set and props by MsPixy and Michael Sacco-Gibson.


    A unique take on Episode V, K Leo's outstanding script envisions the first Star Wars sequel from the Empire's point of view.  The audience joins a press junket hosted by an Imperial Officer with a dislike for pants (and clothing in general) and is treated to a propaganda-heavy tour of Our Dear Lord Vader's Glorious Peace Globe, followed by scandalous secret survailance footage of the Insurgent Rebel Scum in a variety of increasingly compromising situations.


    In addition to treating the excited audience to a steamy Dagobah training montage, a pair of Imperial Walkers with legs up to there, and an intimate look at what lies beneath Boba Fett's jet pack, the show climaxes with an electrifying and emotional ensemble routine as Han is encased in carbonite to the tune of Bohemian Raphsody.


    The Empire Brings Sexy Back opened on November 3, 2012 and ran for 48 performances in its first run.  The show closed on September 28, 2013 and will re-open on November 2, 2013.


    Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

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